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Polyamorous Atheists

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The title is self-explanatory.

Atheism is positively correlated to polyamory.

There has been some confusion as to what an atheist is. An atheist is a person that believes that there is no god. A person that believes neither that there is a god nor that there is no god is called an agnostic. Atheists and agnostics are usually grouped together under the term 'non-theists'.

The primary function of this journal is mutual aid between atheist polyamorists, in the form of information exchange, idea exchange, and any other conceivable method of mutual aid. More trivial subject matter is allowed though.

Crude aggression between members is not allowed here.

Posters are not allowed to try to make it look like only posts that simultaneously relate to atheism and polyamory are allowed.

Posters are not allowed to try to redefine polyamory as something more narrow than it is, such as polyfidelity, or as having multiple 'romantic' lovers.

Posters are not allowed to try to redefine atheism as including both atheists and agnostics.

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